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So here we go, my first skin care blog.

Welcome back!

Sorry it’s taken soooo long! Tbh, I’ve already got a few blogs written, it just takes me a while to edit and post. #mumlyf

Before getting into the nitty gritty of different products and ingredients, I think it’s important to know the basic difference between a skin type and skin condition.

Yep, skin type and skin conditions are different things, and knowing what you have will help you determine what products will best suit and work for your skin. This will also help you understand why different products/ingredients work differently for different people.

Skin Type:

Put simply, it’s what you’re born with.

Determined by the oil (fancy name-sebum) your skin produces, the size of your pores and the texture. As it’s a part of your genetic makeup, it can’t be changed. It can be managed and controlled yes, but not changed. Sorry to you big pored people like me, but we’re stuck with those suckers lol!

(Must remember new post: How to disguise pores!)

So I believe skin types can pretty much be categorised into 3 main groups:




Many people have more than one skin type, which we call Combination skin.

There are a few things you can determine by looking at your own skin, but if you want a proper analysis I would highly recommend booking in with a professional such as a Dermatologist, Dermal clinician or Beauty Therapist and they can do a thorough assessment with a variety of fancy machines and tools to give you a detailed breakdown. I had one done years ago by my trainer when I was studying my Diploma of Beauty Therapy- Oily skin for me!

However, if you don’t have a spare few hundred laying around, this simple break down may help you determine what skin type you have.

Dry- lack of moisture, dull appearance, tightness or even flaking, redness on cheeks, small pores-secretes very little oil.

Normal- Smooth texture, radiant/clear appearance, free of blemishes, greasy patches or flaky areas, fine pores or just noticeable in t-zone but not extending onto cheek,

Oily- shiny/greasy appearance, large pores, pores that extend beyond the t’zone, prone to blackheads and other blemishes.

Combination- combination of any of the above. May be large pores through the T’zone but normal or dry and red on the cheeks.

Ok, so with a basic understanding of your skin type, it’s time to look at skin conditions…hoorah!

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions include things such as dehydration, sensitivity, pigmentation, ageing and blemish prone. They are influenced by different internal and external factors.

Basically it’s on you and what you doing with your nasty self! Lol

Internal factors can include

-Hormones: puberty, pregnancy, menopause

-Stress levels

-Natural ageing process.


External factors can include


-Water/caffeine/alcohol intake


-Sun exposure

-Skin care regime.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common skin conditions.


Your skin can’t hold onto moisture resulting in dull, tired and even flaky skin. Dehydrated skin can be affected by exposure to changes in weather, flying, caffeine/water/ alcohol consumption, changes in temp such as moving from a heated room to aircon.


Sensitivity is a tricky one to explain, as it seems everyone you talk to today has sensitive skin.

I like to think about sensitive skin as 2 different types.

Genetic sensitivities- people that were born with skin diseases or autoimmune disorders such as vitiligo or psoriasis.

Environmental sensitivities- skin that is irritated and becomes sensitive from different things they use or come into contact with- such as washing powders, soaps, perfumes, different skin care ingredients etc. Think eczema or contact dermatitis.


So pigmentation can be linked to your genetics and also changes in hormones – especially during pregnancy! But the biggest factor in pigmentation is UV exposure. This is why it is so important to use SPF on a daily basis. And before you ask no, it doesn’t count if your foundation or moisturiser has it in it!


So I had someone describe it to me once in a way that I’ll never forget. He said… if you have oily skin you’ll be a sagger, and if you have dryer skin you’ll be a crimpler lol! Old sagger it is for me lol!

So we all age, that’s just part of life. But your lifestyle choices will make a HUGE difference in how soon this become noticeable. Free radical damage (which is basically what ages you) can be minimised by limiting exposure to UV and smoking to just name a few.


So I did a lot of research into acne when I was studying beauty therapy. And as far as I’m aware, Acne is a virus and can be linked to genetics. However, it can be exacerbated by lifestyle choices.

But blemish prone skin is difference. Pimples/blackheads occur when dirt/oil/dead skin cells build up around your hair follicle resulting in those little buggers you wanna squeeze and pop, hello Dr. Pimple Popper (secret shame).

Consider looking at hormonal changes, stress, diet, weather, and environment if you’re experiencing blemishes.

So I hope that helps.

It’s important to remember when choosing products to know the difference between your skin type and skin condition. Especially that you may have a few skin conditions you would like to combat. We will get into what ingredients/products will be best for your concern in a later blog.

Remember, there are so many possible scenarios that will change depending on your age, lifestyle choices, location, weather, stress , hormones etc etc.

So here is a little break down of my skin;

Skin type: Oily.

My skin is always shiny, my pores are massive and cover my cheeks, nose and chin. My makeup always moves after a couple hours and I’m prone to blemishes and blackheads.

I also have psoriasis. I’ve had it since I was a bub.

It is defo worst during winter when I don’t get into the sun or for a swim in the ocean.

Skin conditions-

Sensitive; which I believe is made worst by my psoriasis.

I also get eczema and dermatitis from using certain washing up powders/liquids and hand washes. I have recently been having reactions to a new facial cleanser I bought which is a natural range.

Acidic foods also cause my skin to flare up, especially tomatoes.

Blemishes- oily skin hello! I have huge pores and no matter how often I cleanse they always seem blocked. Also, after having a baby I think my hormones are still sorting themselves out. I do however try not to take all the oil out of my skin, as sometimes when you take all the oil out, your skin makes more as to replenish it.

Ageing- around the eyes mainly. I don’t smoke and look after my skin pretty well, but I put this down to the natural ageing process and not wearing sunnies as often as I should. I also was a lifeguard at an outdoor poor for years, so the UV exposure may have something to do with it too. I also feel I need to invest in a good eye cream! Watch this space.

Dehydrated- I don’t drink as much water as I should and I drink waaaay too much coffee. I remember being told that for every cup of coffee you have you should have an additional 6 glasses on top of your 2L to counterbalance the caffeine. I also live in Canberra, which is well known to mess with your dehydration levels.

I hope you enjoyed learning about skin type V skin conditions and have a better understanding of your skin.

Love Kylie

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