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Updated: Aug 30, 2018

If you've made it here...woo hoo!

This means I've successfully created a blog and you like me enough to come and check it out, so THANK YOU! (You love me, you really love me) Movie? See bottom of blog.

First thing you need to know about me is I LOVE quoting movies and TV shows. So be prepared for copious amounts of lameness if you continue to follow my blog :)

As a dedicated Beauty Blog, I thought the first post should be about what my experiences and qualifications are in the makeup and beauty industry. I mean, who wants to hear someone's opinion if they have nothing to base it on.

The idea behind this blog has been on my mind for a long time. I love testing and trialling new products, researching ingredients, and helping family, friends and clients find the perfect regime and techniques to best suit their skin, lifestyle and budget.

WIth so many products on the market, walking into a Mecca Cosmetica/Maxima or a beauty floor at Myer of David Jones can be very overwhelming. I remember my first time walking into my local Mecca...INTIMIDATING! LOL.

That's where the idea behind The Beauty Trial came about. Combining my obsession with Law & Order SVU and Beauty. WTF I hear you say LOL.

Putting different products 'on trial' and judging if they do what they claim to do, so people don't waste their money or time on purchasing something just because of clever advertising. Thin Lizzy anyone? LOL

I really liked the name JudgeBeauty (Judge Judy) but it already existed. Damn lol.

My hope is that this blog gives people an understanding of products/ingredients, confidence to enjoy beauty shopping and inspiration to have fun, experiment with different techniques and step outside the box.

So, about me...

My name is Kylie, I'm a born and bred Canberran (who loves Canberra) and i just hit the big

3-0 in January this year. I'm married to my bestie Reece, we are proud parents of a beautiful baby boy named Rylan and a cheeky Jackalier called Lilly.

Teenage me wore little to no makeup (pink/green maybelline mascara & sugarbaby bronzer) and used whatever face wash was on sale, usually Clearasil. So it's safe to say, I would have never thought I'd be writing a beauty blog. Plus I hate reading LOL. But I've recently discovered blog reading, totally different! :)

Things changed when I started my degree in Fashion Design at CIT and 'modelled' lol for a friend who was a makeup artist. It turned out I hated sewing, so Fashion Design wasn't really for me lol, but it did lead me to start my journey into the Beauty Industry. I have always loved drawing, painting and anything crafty, I just never really thought about doing it on someones face.

After finishing up the year at CIT I applied for a job that I saw on Seek, at the Clinique counter in Myer, Belconnen. I got it! Working for Clinique was an awesome experience. The training and support was amazing and as they're a part of the Estee Lauder Company, I got to visit the staff store in Sydney- AMAZING! Think MAC, Bobbie Brown, Estee Lauder etc all at like 50-80% off! Mum and I visited way too often. I worked for Clinique for about a year and was lucky enough to have a talented makeup artist as my manager- Janey. She really encouraged me to pursue a career in makeup and we often talked about how cool it would be to work for a company like MAC.

Feeling inspired I enrolled at the Canberra Makeup Academy (CMA) for the next part-time Diploma intake. That way i could continue to work and study at night time. At around the same time I started at CMA, a full time position was advertised for Napoleon Perdis (NP) in the Canberra Centre. I applied and couldn't believe my luck when I got the job. I was and am still so grateful that the manager, Kylie, who took a chance with me. I believe my time working at NP was the most beneficial for my career. Kylie was such an inspirational woman to work with who shared so many tips and tricks with me. This was actually where my business name- KMarie started. Clients were getting confused as to which Kylie they saw, so I suggested using my middle name Marie. And there you go... (Movie #2) lol

Now, we worked hard! At the time, this was THE place in Canberra to get your makeup done. We would smash out 10-15 makeups EACH on a Saturday. 40mins back to back, including assisting customers who walked into the shop. It was EPIC, but as I said, the best experience a makeup artist could ever have. I was lucky enough to be surrounded with talented makeup artists at Napoleon Perdis, some who are very influential in the Canberra Makeup Scene today and develop lasting friendships with the girls who worked up at Mecca Cosmetica.

After almost 2 years at Napoleon, working in between the City and newly opened Woden store, the rumour started to circulate that MAC was coming to Canberra. To say I was excited, along with the rest of Canberra, was an understatement. After a lengthy phone interview and incredibly nerve wrecking makeup application in front of the regional manager, I got the job! Part of the first team to work for MAC Canberra.

It was hard to leave NP and the amazing staff, but I knew the opportunity to work for MAC would be amazing for my career, and it was!

The training i received when working for MAC was INCREDIBLE!

Basic Training- I got put up in a swanky hotel in Sydney for a week, with other new employees to learn all about the MAC philosophy, products/procedures and techniques. We met some amazing trainers- including Global Senior Artist Pinky (Nicole Thompson) OMG!

Update Training- Then roughly every 6 weeks, we would fly to either Sydney or Melbourne for the day to be updated on current makeup trends/techniques being used on the runways/editorial shoots, get a sneak peek at the new collection to be launched and have a play with the products. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the stores product specialist so i received an abundance of goodies every time a new collection was released to test and trial and report back to my team. How was this a job? LOL

During my time at MAC I developed a real interest and love for skin care. I completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and set my sights to new goals. I wanted to combine my love of makeup and skincare skills. I knew the perfect place would be Mecca Cosmetica. I developed a relationship with the staff at Mecca when I worked at Napoleon and they advised me to get some experience under my belt before applying for a job there, which I felt I now had.

I got the job at Mecca and LOVED going to work each day. Combining skin care and makeup was the perfect combination for me. The other amazing thing about working at Mecca was that you didn't only have 1 brand of products to use and work with, you had an abundance! It allowed me to customise a skin and makeup routine that best suited each customers needs and budget. With my qualifications in Beauty and Makeup I was promoted to the stores Skin Care Specialise. In addition to the ongoing training from Mecca and makeup brands such as Stila, Nars and Hourglass, I received specialised training with skin care brands such as Eve Lom, Chantecaille and Elemental Herbology.

In total, I worked at Mecca in different capacities for over 3 year. In that time, I explored working in beauty salons and Day Spas, build my freelance business and worked for companies such as Southern Cross Ten and GHD to name a few, and returned to the Canberra Makeup Academy as a trainer in both Makeup and Beauty components.

The experience of being a makeup trainer was life changing for me. It led me to my career as a Primary School Teacher, which I absolutely adore. So off to Uni I went to complete a four year degree. In that time I build my freelance business, specialising in Bridal and special occasion makeup. I was the first artist in Canberra to become a stockist for Harlotte Cosmetics and work as a team leader at Fashfest for the first few years. I also got a casual job at Mimco...because hello, staff discount! WOo HOo.

So that's my story.

Thank you for tuning into my first blog and I can't wait to share more with you.

Until next time,

Court adjourned LOL

Kylie x

Movie Quotes

#1: The Mask

#2: The Dad from My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding.

Please enjoy a selection of photos that represent my time working in retail makeup.

LOL I couldn't stop laughing when looking through these. OMG the brows lol.

FYI- all the crazy makeups were from 'theme days' at MAC.

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