Desert Island Skin Care Must Haves!

The first thing I always ask other beauty professionals is,

‘What are your desert island must haves?’

Think about it as the products you couldn’t live without. I always love discussing this, as most people will be in love with a product you haven’t tried or even hear of. If you’re a product junkie like me, this is music to your ears. Now I’m not a brand snob, I’ve tried them all! From high end to supermarket and you would be hard pressed to mention a brand I haven’t tried a product from.

So it was super hard, but I have reduced my list of over 50 products to just 7.

5 would have been catchier but I just couldn’t! lol

In no particular order here are my skin care must haves.

I never travel without these babies…

Kylie’s Top 7 Desert Island Skin care must haves

Mac Fix+

Philosophy Purity Cleanser

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser


Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit

Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads

Lanolips tinted balm

Mac Fix +


Don’t let the name fool you, I would not recommend this as a spray to set/fix your makeup. MAC claims it does set your makeup, but I’m not convinced. Prolong your makeup perhaps, but for setting spray the Urban Decay all nighter is the way to go.

This however is the best hydrating mist ever! You can even spray it on your makeup brush to intensify eyeshadow colours!

This bottle of magic is a must have for anyone with dehydrated/tired skin…so everyone in Canberra pretty much! Lol. Also AMAZING if you’re flying.

It seriously refreshes, hydrates and soothes your skin. You can spray it right over the top of your makeup and feel confident it’s not gonna run off! I also find that if you’re a bit heavy handed with your powder one morning, or its just looking a bit cakey, a few sprays of this baby will have it looking fresh AF! It’s packed with vitamins and minerals to give your skin that instant boost.

I have only used the original but it now comes in a few different scents including rose, lavender and coconut. I also saw recently there is a new type that has a gold sheen in it…omg take my money!

Philosophy Purity made simple facial Cleanser

240ml- $36

The first product I ever bought from Mecca and 10 years later I’m still going back to get it.

I just love this cleanser. It removes makeup, cleanses, tones and hydrates all in one step. I do however like to do a double cleanse even if I’m not wearing makeup, which I highly recommend to ensure you get the best results.

What I LOVE about this cleanser is that it removes eye makeup so well. I have really sensitive eyes, and this doesn’t irritate them like some other cleansers have. It removes dirt, oil and makeup without leaving an oily residue on your skin. Bonus!

The best thing about this is how long it lasts! Tell the hubby its economical!

It honestly takes me MONTHS to get through a bottle, as you only need about a 20c piece size to take off a full face of makeup.

Clinique Moisture Surge


So if you read my first blog you know working at the Clinique counter was my first job in the beauty Industry, and I’ve been obsessed with this moisturiser every since.

It is a gel-cream, so feels super light on your skin. If you love your thick heavy cream be prepared to be blown away, as this gives you the feeling without the texture.

It seriously gives your skin an instant boost of hydration, and the new formula was designed to give your skin 72 hour non-stop hydration…3 days is a long freaking time!

It’s packed with a few different things…

Caffeine-helps trigger skin’s own hydration system.

Hylaronic acid- attracts water to the skin and prevents water loss

Activated Aloe water- plumps up the skin

What I love about Clinique is it’s allergy tested and fragrance free.

This particular product is great if you’re prone to breakouts as its non-acnegenic and oil-free.

I started using this as my day moisturiser as I intended to use something heavy for nights, but I just use if for both now as it provides the hydration my skin needs. I pop it all over my face after cleansing. If using a serum, pop the serum on first then the moisturiser. You can also use this bad boy as a 5-minute mask!

Face Halo

Pack of 3 - $30

I don’t go anywhere without this! It’s a total must have!

It’s like a face wipe but better- you can wash it and reuse it.

The face halo is said to replace up to 500 makeup wipes which I totally believe as I’ve had my pack of 3 for over a year now.

It removes makeup, cleanses and gives a gentle exfoliation with only water!

I do however like to use it in conjunction with my purity cleanser if I’m wearing makeup, or just with water if I want a good cleanse. Usually in the morning I wet it and give my skin a wipe over, and with the cleaner of an evening to remove makeup, dirt, oil etc.

The original halo is white so you can see the makeup coming off which I do like, but I also hate that it looks dirty. I give it a rough clean after each use with my purity cleanser and it looks ok but still a bit stained. I chuck it in the wash every few days, which is super easy and economical. A few months ago they release the halo in black, it’s already on my Christmas list. I actually just checked their website and they have a pack of 3 originals, with a wash bag and headband for $40 with free shipping and 15% off your first order…contemplating it myself lol. Priceline is a stockist though, which is where I got my first pack.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit


The ultimate at home treatment! Forget paying $200+ for a facial treatment, this peel kit I believe gives similar results to microdermabrasion and gives you well over 10 treatments- I mean $10 per facial! I use this product once a week.

It not only deeply exfoliates your skin but pumps it full of vitamin C and peptides which assists in resurfacing your skin to make it look plump and glowy.

When you think of exfoliation it’s important to know whether you want a physical or chemical exfoliation.

Physical- you have to physically rub it in to get the results. It’s got a granular texture, you can really feel the beads. This type of exfoliation is not recommended if you have breakouts, as it will break the top of the pimples and can spread the bacteria.

Chemical- the product does the work. It may not feel as granular as a physical exfoliation. It uses chemical ingredients to do the exfoliation. Great for most skin types,

But this little peel kit delivers both types of exfoliation. Hoorah!

How to use:

Step 1- Use the vitamin C crystals, which are very course and massage it into clear/dry skin for about a minute, avoid eye area!

Step 2- get about a 20c piece size of the gel and massage it over the top of the crystals. It will foam up which means you’ve activated it and sometimes get warm. Leave on for 2-3 minutes to infuse the vitamin C and peptides. Wash off with water or use your face halo!

Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads

30 Packs- $129

Ok so this product is the most expensive in my list but by gosh it’s work every cent! It comes in an original and extra strength formula. Go the extra strength! I do use this in conjunction with the peel kit but not on the same day.

These pads target signs of aging, dullness, texture and breakouts!

The ultimate resurfacing kit!

Dr Dennis Gross is a US dermatologist who specialises in sensitive skin and problematic skin. So you know the products are effective for breakouts but gentle too!

The pads are pre-soaked and infused with alpha and beta hydroxy acids which help reduce fine lines, minimize the appearance of pores and speed up the cellular renewal process.

How to use:

Massage the step 1 pad all over a clean, dry face until it goes dry.

Wait 2 minutes

Repeat the same process with step 2 pad.

Follow with your serum or moisturiser.

When I worked at Mecca I used them every day and my skin was looking fly! But as they’re expensive and I don’t get my discount anymore (sad face) lol I started back using them by using every 2 days for 2 weeks, then 1-2 times a week or when my skin is looking dull and needing a boost.

I was actually in Mecca Maxima the other day and noticed they sell a 5-day pack for $24 which would be perfect for a trial. Remember it’s unlikely you’ll see results after 5 days as your skin needs approximately 4-6 weeks to resurface- so the baby cells to reach the top.

But after a 5 day trial you will know if it’s suitable for your skin. Remember to always ask for a sample if you have more sensitive skin or likely to react.

Most places are happy to offer it. However, as I worked in retail for many years, I know it is really appreciated if you go back and see the person who gave you the sample when you want to buy it. They did the hard work so deserve the sale!

Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30


This is a new edition to my personal kit. I absolutely love this product and use it on a daily basis! I especially love putting it on before bed and waking up with super soft lips!

I purchased this from priceline when they had a 50% off sale as I needed a replacement. Yep, keep an eye out and get if half price when you can!

Pretty much it’s a hydrating balm that nourishes your lips as well as tinting them! I just love the colours! It’s made from a blend of lanolin, hence the name. Lanolin is a fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool. Sounds gross but is an amazing ingredient as it has a deep moisturizing effect and locks existing moisture into the skin and absorbs moisture from the air around it.

I started with the nude and have since purchased the rose and rhubarb. I would say I wear the rose the most as it’s pretty similar to my lipcolour, but all are beautiful.

Nude is a brown shade, rose is natural pinkish and rhubarb is darker pink.

Mecca are actually selling all 3 shades in a limited edition set for $34.95. They also have a limited edition colour in red apple, which I’m keen to buy!

I have recently been using them on my makeup clients who aren’t lipstick wearers. A good lip liner then one of these bad boys and you get the look of a lipstick without the dry feeling!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and have a few extra goodies you can add to your Christmas wish list. Please let me know your desert island must haves!

Much love,

Kylie x

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